Tuesday, August 16, 2011

After- July Jitters

Silly me, I let August creep up on me without saying how Orientation went. I can define it in three words: Overwhelming yet insightful.  The staff and students guides were really warm and friendly, though I am ashamed to admit that the long car ride down there left me a bit "crabby".


 I can't wait until we start classes, all of my course are pretty fun (especially the one on bug mythology), though  my field of study, Conservation Biology, did not have many students enrolled in it. The other freshmen and I had to sleep in the dorms (orientation lasted for two days), but for some reason I did not have a roommate (I'm still not sure if I should count this as a good thing or bad thing).  I have to admit that the huge campus left me a bit shaken. The After-July-pre-college jitters are starting to claw at me which is the reason you have not heard from me in a while.

On more ligther note, I owe a BIG THANKS to Miss Coppel for giving me the Creative Blog Award.

*Cue ego expanding to the size of Texas.

Isn't it pretty?