Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wyrms, Germs, and things that Squirm

Hello again.

Whew. March may "Roar like a lion", but February came and went out with a BANG!  Until now, I have spent all my free time battling all sorts of evil Monstrosities : villainous Projects, multi-armed Studying, and the ogrish Homework-Beast. Not to mention Lady Pollen has been bewitching my nose to drip more mucus than a Banana Slug and my eyes to itch more than a wool sweater. Also, Sirius-the-Dragon and the Lovely Worm  has increased in ranked on Teen Ink over the past month.  It's popularity has lead me to idea that maybe I should expand it a bit, but you will learn more about this future project later.

 Alas, now I must wish you farewell. It's time I took my head out of the clouds and put on my armor Saint Greoge-fashion: the Home-Work Beast is on the prowl and something tells me on next on his menu. Happy March everyone.

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