Monday, January 3, 2011

Extreme Exams

It's the most annoying time of year. Yes, that time when most of us flex those brain muscles in our cranium until they melt to mush and sprain our eyes to the point where they pop out of our heads. The deadly tests and trials that even Hercules himself couldn't handle- semester exams.  Also, it seems today as we return from our winter holiday that the orange-eyed ogre that is the Homework-Beast has sprung a ambush on me.
On the lighter side, Sirius and the Wizard's Pet will be on the front page of the sci fi/fantasy section of Teen Ink tomorrow, if I have any (mental) strength left after battling Homework-Beast I can promise you that I will be doing somersaults (metaphorically speaking of course ;) ) So, while I am doing hand-to-pencil combat with the scourge of high school, I wish my readers a great rest of the day.

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