Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Problem with Pink and the Blue blues

As I began to scan my brain for new ideas for National Novel Writing Month; I can help but notice that I have this one habit: I count my characters to make sure that the genders are equal. I want to make sure that for every well-developed character I have that is male; than there is a well-developed female character to balance it out.
 I think this habit is a leftover from my childhood, where I first encourage the plague among feminists (including myself): The Smurfette Principle.
What is the Smurfette Principle you may ask? Well, think about the Smurfs for a few mintues. All the guys running around with just one female (my sister said that the Creators added another female Smurf  later, but two females does not make a population make). What makes it sad is that this isn't the only show that suffers from this "disease."
Besides an extremely uneven popluation, symptoms of The Smurfette Principle (or TSP for short) include:
  • The annoyence of Feminists everywhere (including yours truly)
  • The female character is more likely to be a distressed damsel or fake action girl, or worse, the chick.
  • Pink is a common color to show the character in question is female (unless said character is a evil ) This trend has died out over the years though.
  • The female character is not the main character or important to the plot (beside being the love-interest or only female member).
  • For the gender-flipped version of this trope see the one guy.

So, now that you know most of the basic symptoms, can you think of any books , tv shows (besides the Smurfs), or movies that use TSP or it's male counterpart? Leave your answers in the comment section, I would love to hear from you. :)

For more information on TSP, check out this video  (I have to warn you that the video is more P-13).

Saturday, October 29, 2011

No Longer A Tiger

I'mmmm baaack! I'm sorry I have not posted in months, but ALOT  has been going on  between my last post and now. First,  I am sad to report that I transfer from Clemson to a smaller college (though one with my major of Agriculture) that is closer to where I live. For legal reasons I can not explain what exactly happen at Clemson that made me want to transfer, but it was a mistake picking a school so far from home anyway.

On an unrelated, Novemeber is going to exiciting month: National Novel Writing Month starts next week; my dad's birthday is also next week (the 5th to be exact); my birthday is a week after his (the 15th); and don't get me started on Thanksgiving.

So, I have to ask, is anyone else doing NaNoWriMo this year? What's your goal: 50K? More? Less?

Have great weekend everyone. ;)

P.S. I'm thinking about upgrading the blog a bit.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

After- July Jitters

Silly me, I let August creep up on me without saying how Orientation went. I can define it in three words: Overwhelming yet insightful.  The staff and students guides were really warm and friendly, though I am ashamed to admit that the long car ride down there left me a bit "crabby".


 I can't wait until we start classes, all of my course are pretty fun (especially the one on bug mythology), though  my field of study, Conservation Biology, did not have many students enrolled in it. The other freshmen and I had to sleep in the dorms (orientation lasted for two days), but for some reason I did not have a roommate (I'm still not sure if I should count this as a good thing or bad thing).  I have to admit that the huge campus left me a bit shaken. The After-July-pre-college jitters are starting to claw at me which is the reason you have not heard from me in a while.

On more ligther note, I owe a BIG THANKS to Miss Coppel for giving me the Creative Blog Award.

*Cue ego expanding to the size of Texas.

Isn't it pretty?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hey, where's Chuck?

Disclaimer: Today's post has a lot of reference to popluar culture. Please bare with me because there's a reason behind the madness that's related to writing.

Miss Caitlin recently did a post on sneaky characters. It really got me thinking about how a new character can just pop into your head at the last minute or how a minor character can jump into a major character. The post almost remained me of the show Happy Days. For those of you that are fans of the show, know someone who are fans of the show (my parents use to it watch all the time), or maybe you were watching a show that likes to reference popluar culture, there's one thing you might be wondering: Hey, where's (or who is) Chuck? Well, Chuck (or Charles which ever you prefer) was the elder brother to Richie Cunningham, the series' main protagonist who disappear without a trace (or explaination) by the second season.

You're probably thinking why a post on book characters would get me thinking about a show that came out before I was even born? Well, the Fonz  started out as a Minor character whom, due to popularity, became a member of the full cast. He became sort of a "big brother" figure to Richie and his friends. So, Chuck went to the place of no return for characters. A kind of "No Man 's(in some case No Woman's) Land" for forgotten characters. Chuck's disappearnce was so creepy and noticeable to the audience that the term "Chuck Cunningham Syndrome" was coined to describe characters that vanished in a similar fashion.

Note that  "Chuck Cunningham Syndrome" is not  limited to T.V. characters on a live-action show. Examples can be found in cartoons, movies, books, and even video games.

So, let's see what happens when this is applied to books or your own writing:

You're writing a book (or writing a book) about four characters named Alice, Bob, Cindy, and Dan. Alice and Cindy both like Bob. They compete for him any chance they get. Soon, you (or the author of the book you're reading) so interested in what happens to them in this "love triangle" that Dan is eventally forgotten about. Or, in the case of  "sneaky characters", Eddy could appear as a new minor character and eventally worm his way to a more major part. Dan is a dull and flat character compared to new, interesting Eddy, so he's forgotten about. It's does not matter how important Dan was to the plot or his relation to the other characters. Once Dan disappears, there's no mention to him ever again.

So, I have to ask, have you ever notice a character from your favorite T.V., movie, or book series that just vanished without a trace. Or, have you ever read a older draft of your WIP and realized that there was a character who was important that did not make it to newer, more editted drafts? How about a character that was in the first book and then just disappear without explaintion in the sequels (in case your writing a book series)?  Please post your answers in the comment sections, I would love to here them! :)

And for more information on  "Chuck Cunningham Syndrome" including examples in literature visited the TV Trope page hereWikipedia also has a full list, but I'm not sure if that one has book examples as well.

P.S.  I can name one "Brother Chuck" from the first Sirius story that I had written with Shelby in it. His name is Griffen.

P.S.S  I'm sadden to say that "L" is my last letter post until next Apirl. Between finishing the summer assignments Clemson has given me and revisions on my stories, I don't think I'll be able to do it anymore. However, I will continue posting. Expect a post on how  orientation went REAL soon.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

L is for Lovely Worm

Hello, you guys. Whew, it's been some week preparing for orientation. Congrats again to all the winners (blogger is still acting odd when I post comments grrrrr!)  from last week post. Sirius-the-dragon and the Lovely Worm  is now my most popular fiction article on the Teenink Sci-fi/fantasy section. However, I would like to know what you guys think of it. I want your most honest opinion about it and DO NOT be afraid to spare my feelings.

Sirius-the-Dragon’s head was slipping him. He had no patience for the songbirds’ morning melodies or the sun with its tawny rays. The sight of lovers cooing and cuddling irked him so, for this was the time of the year when he was not himself.
A hint of spring tainted the air, but he alone seemed to suffocate on it. He surely did not feel comfortable being solitary, with such lovey-dovey mush polluting the air.
Everywhere he went; men drooled over beauties and bimbos who appeared fair to them. Sirius could not find the foggiest thought as to why, but it was fun to tease them. This was a flaw he could drag over their heads.
“I would never behave in such a manner around a lady,” he boasted.
A vacation was in order. The sooner he got away from these chowder heads the better. Far he would fly, away from this place. He needed to find some distant isle where he would see no mushy displays.
He flew until reaching a small, microscopic island, void of human life, and nearly barren of life of any kind. But, just as Sirius thought his headache had gone away, a noise polluted the air like none he had ever heard before. This noise, however, was not that of smitten poetry, but of despair and sorrow. The whining swirled into Sirius’s eardrums and banged on his brain.
“Whoever is crying so excessively is in for a stern talking to,” he growled, little puffs of smoke escaping his nostrils.
Sirius waited until night, when the howls came more frequently and with increasing pitch. Led by the calls, he stumbled upon an ivory tower. Listening – as the cries ceased for a moment, then rose up again, then softened a bit – he entered the tower. The walls and everything in the structure itched with veins of vines and statues of figures with odd shapes.
Finally, he came to a room overflowing with gold, jewels, and other objects of great value. There, in the corner, stood a maid with straw-colored hair. She was tall and lean, and looked most sad indeed.
“Hey there,” Sirius said to her.
She said not a word, but ran from him as fast her dainty feet could carry her.
Hunger roared at Sirius, so he went back to the beach for a quick snack. That chick wasn’t worth the chase.
The next night and the next, the mournful shrieking again drowned out the sound of the surf on the barrier reef of the isle.
“This is just too unbearable to stand,” Sirius grumbled. He was at wits end and had grown bad-tempered as the lack of sleep weighed on him.
“This was supposed to be my island of tranquility,” he yelled at the top of his lungs, for now he felt crabbier than upon his arrival. “That chick must shut up!”
He had to try to make her stop her incessant wailing.
Resolved, he marched right up to that castle, stomped down the hall into the room of treasure … but she wasn’t there. He searched every nook and cranny of the tower, only to find no one home. Finally, he exited the tower. What next?
A rustling in the bushes caught his attention.
“Who goes there?” Sirius bellowed.
There was no response, yet the rustling continued.
“All right! I demand to know who you are!” Sirius charged into the dark woods, getting closer and closer, all the while yelling at the intruder. “You pestering cry-baby! Cowardly…”
Sirius shoved the branches out of his face, and stopped, a flush of ruby stained his cheeks.
There stood the most gorgeous female dragon he had ever seen. Her garnet skin, with black markings, shimmered in the sunlight. She wore earrings of pearls and her body was bound around with chains of gold and precious jewels.
What beauty, what grace, what a babe!
“Hello,” the dragoness said, in a sweet, mild tone of voice. When Sirius didn’t respond, she asked, “Who are you and why have you come into my lair so unannounced?”
Sirius, tongue tied, couldn’t swallow enough nerve to ever say his own name. Come on, stupid! he thought to himself. Say something smooth. But not a word ushered forth from his lips and then the vision disappeared without a trace.
Sirius sighed, his body limp, as if he had been stricken with some bizarre disease, or knocked out by some strange force.
“What is wrong with me?” he shouted. “What illness plagues my body?”
He flew to a nearby island, searching for a doctor to cure him.
“I must have caught this from that female,” he told the doctor. But the physician found nothing wrong with him.
“How can this be?” Sirius mumbled as he sat in a forest glen.
“How can what be?” asked a familiar voice.
“Shelby! What are you doing here?” he asked his dear friend, the sea-dragon.
“I am visiting family … unfortunately. I heard your bellyaching from the sea-caves below us. What’s wrong?”
Sirius told Shelby the saga and what the doctor had said.
“Stop wasting the man’s time, Sirius,” Shelby told him. “You’re healthy as a horse.”
As Sirius was about to comment, he saw the dragoness splashing in the water.
“Aha!” Shelby said, laughing when she saw his look. “Tongue hanging out of your mouth; heart beating out of your chest; drool dripping everywhere - either you’re in love or need to be locked in a mental ward.”
Sirius hardly heard his friend’s words. As he watched the dragoness, fire heated in his chest and flames escaped from his person. The passion for her baked him from the inside out, though he would never admit such affection for her.
Shelby, however, resented the beauty. Green-eyed, she decided this new female would hurt Sirius, shred has heart into pieces.
Sirius didn’t hear Shelby’s warnings. He ran after the apple of his eye. But as soon as he reached her, all strength surrendered his legs and he slipped, falling flat on his face.
His beloved picked him up. “Are you alright?” she cooed.
Sirius’s skin sizzled white-hot as he beheld her amethyst eyes.
“Y-y-yeah, I’m all right,” he croaked. “What’s your name, pretty mama?”
She frowned, all joy now absent from her features as she answered with a mournful tone.
“They use to call me ‘Celena’, but now I’m just simply known as ‘loathsome dragon’.”
She told Sirius how she became known by such a title, but it went in one ear and out the other. He was delighted by her attention; her charm enchanted him.
Shelby viewed in silence, bubbling with suspicion. Something about Celena didn’t fit.
Sirius, blinded by smoldering infatuation, didn’t notice the flaws of his dragoness. He just wanted to kiss her.
But Celena, now greatly offended, slapped him with her tail and crawl back to her den.
Shelby had seen enough of this foolishness; she, too, retired to her dwelling.
Each day for many months, the smitten dragon visited his darling, bringing her tokens of affection: chocolate, flowers, perfume, jewelry fit for a queen. He offered her his heart on a silver platter, but she just shattered it into bits, along his other gifts.
“She doesn’t mean it,” Sirius said, mending the damage done to his ego.
Now, normally Celena was a kind and sweet dragoness, but for some reason Sirius irritated her. She dreamed of a hero who would sweep her off her feet, one who would wash her sorrows away and see her inner beauty, not just the outer beauty she possessed. Sirius did not match this description; he seemed the opposite of what she was seeking in a mate.
The constant game between them irked Shelby, and she ached for it to cease. She groaned for Sirius to come to his semi-senses and stop acting like the wrong end of a horse.
But he willfully pushed her aside. He wanted nothing coming between him and his sweetheart.
One day, Celena, upon seeing him again, ran for the hills. She couldn’t take another of his attempts to kiss her.
Sirius made haste after her; he wanted a kiss, no matter what. Through forests of timber giants to the ebb of the sunny bays, he chased her around every inch of the atoll.
Celena was drained, no energy left to move a step farther. Sirius had her cornered in a chasm, blocking the only exit.
“Now, my little buttercup, I’m afraid I have you right where I want you. Lay a wet one on me, baby!” he said, getting closer and closer.
The dragoness, wide-eyed, dreaded the thought of his scaly lips touching hers. “Dear dragon, I beseech you to please, please  discontinue with this conquest!” she pleaded. Sirius only smiled at this, perceiving her resistance as coy fancy talk and wobbled his eyebrows as he preceded even neared. “Stop it! Stop it right now! I have no desire to kiss you!” Celena pleaded once more. “I hate you!”
Sirius blinked. “What did you just say?” he whimpered. Her words had finally broken his love-struck delusions.
Celena repeated her words with an icy coldness that sent a knife-like chill down his spine and straight to his heart.
She hates me? She hates me?
The very truth of the notion was too much for him to acknowledge. This divine creature, this angel from the heavens above, hated him? She was revolted by his presence, while he was weakened by her company? The mention of her name made him jellify, the muscles in his body dissolving into jam.
He swallowed his pride – a bitter taste it was, too!
“You know what, sugar? There are other fish in the sea that will want this fine piece of burning beast. It’s you’re loss, baby cakes.”
Sirius knew his words were just puffery, but he had to conceal his grief. Dragons don’t cry!
He lumbered off to find a spring where he could sit and sulk.
Celena had some remorse for what she had said to him. That, and a threatening talk with Shelby, forced her to make atonement. She could hear his sighs from a distance and knew just where to find him.
“I’m sorry that I hurt you,” she said with the most sincere tone of voice. “I am flattered you love me, but it was never meant to be. I am hoping we can still be friends.”
At first he sat quietly, trying to think what to do next. Then a toothy smile crept onto his face. Mermaids sang in the shallows nearby. The sun painted the sky a cocktail of orange, yellow, and pink.
“Don’t sweat it, little mama,” Sirius assured her. “I would be picky, too, if I was as beautiful as you.”
Celena was speechless. No one had called her beautiful in a long time. She felt a new sensation envelope her. And when he gave her a small peck on the cheek she glowed. Her skin felt looser and looser, it unfolded from around her.
Sirius watched as his beloved shrank, shedding her outer coating until there was nothing left but a girl – a princess of high splendor. This was the damsel he had seen in the castle several nights before.
“Noble dragon,” said the maiden. “Your pure heart has broken the enchantment placed on me.”
Sirius was awed and dismayed to see this transformation.
“What happen? Where did the rest of you go?” he yelped.
Celena put her hands on her hips. “This is the way I was born, you goofball! I’ve been trying to tell you, but you wouldn’t listen!” she said, snapping her fingers.
Sirius was scrubbing his tongue and felt nauseous. “Rabies! I could have gotten rabies!” he cried.
He flew off with the young princess and gave her to a knight on an inhabited near-by island. It broke his heart to see her ride off with the young man, even if she was an squishy human in a dragon’s skin. He knew she would be happier this way.
Shelby was happy to be rid of the girl, but tried not to show it so she wouldn’t upset him.
“It wouldn’t have worked out anyway,” Sirius said, arrogantly, as the two left for home. “Heroes may prefer spoiled princesses, but dragons sure don’t.”

Tell me what you think of my story. Do you think it would make a good children's story? Or cartoon? I'm getting ready to add more depth to the characters. I will let you know when I do. I hope you enjoy it, happy reading!

Best Wishes,
Melody Jackson

Sunday, June 26, 2011

K is for Kimberly

Miss Kimberly was soooooooooo sweet to recently award me both the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award and the Stylish Blogger Award.

Here are the rules I got from her blog. :)

1. Thank and link back to the person who passed on the award.
2. Share 7 random tidbits about yourself.
3. Pass on the award to 5 others (the number varies at times from 3-10) and link to their blogs.
4. Let those people know you've given them the award.

So, here's seven things about me.

  1. Johnny Bravo is one of my favorite 90's cartoons.
  2. I could eat fried shrimp all day and not get tired of it.
  3. I love root beer soda.
  4. I finished reading Eragon weeks ago and I'm now reading Stork by Wendy Delsol
  5. I'm a lover of folklore.
  6. I'm a cat and a dog person.
  7. I have a soft spot for dark, yet also quirky stories.
And now for the winners (because the rules above said the number of winners can vary from 3-10 I decided to do 6)

  1. The ultra cool writers at  Wicked & Tricksy
  2. The wonderful Saraflower's Blog
  3. The thought-provoking Hektor Karl at After Troy
Congrats to all the winner and thanks again to Miss Kimberly (and thanks for the comment on the last post).

Friday, June 24, 2011

J is for Just can't make up my mind

I'm sorry (yet again) that there is a gap in my posting. I'm ashame to say that lately the ogress known as Writer's block has murder both my writing and my blogging( a side effect of soo much going on this last couple of days). However, Miss Kimberly asked in my last post what  field I plan on studying at Clemson (I would have answered in the comments, but everytime I'm tried to it started acting odd :( ). My chosen field is environmental studies in the Agriculture Department.  The upcoming orientation at Clemson and the checklist will keep me pretty busy in July, but I still will manage to post anytime I get the chance.

Have a great weekend! :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I is for I'm excited and I just can't hide it!

Lately, I have been up to my ears in good news. My hunt for the elvish Scholarship has come to a close for now (at the Senior Banquet at my school last week I was awarded not one, but three scholarships), I have exactly 22, 850 dollars. Graduation was last Satuarday at around 3:00pm and lasted for about thirty mintues. Because I ranked third in my class (I was only at Bethune for two years after transfering there, and the new rule is that you have to be to a school four whole years to be Val or Sal), they had me recited the Plege of Alleginace at the beginning of the ceremony (lucky me). My great Mom booked a room at our local Ryan's restaurant. Long story short, it was a pretty sweet day. :D Happy Wednesday everybody!

P.S. The reason I have not written in a while is because Clemson mailed me a "to-do-list" of things that I must complete before school next fall.

Monday, May 9, 2011

H is for Honor

Oh, how I have missed the blogsphere! :)  School has taken much of my time (I have two huge projects due next week and I have been trying to juggle them).  However, today's post is delicated to honor: Miss Mueller was so kind in giving me this wonderful award (though the hunt for scholarship has delay my posting during the month of Apirl) for the Blogging A-Z Challenge. :)

Isn't it cute!? I love it! 

Have a great rest of the week and congrates again to the Versatile Blogger Award Winners! You guys really deserved it!

*Note: Spring Break has been over for three weeks now and we are in the process of counting down to the last day! :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

G is for Grateful

I am now one of the lucky winners of the Versatile Blogger Award.


Isn't it pretty?

A BIG THANKS  to Miss April over at From These Hollows  for giving me this HUGE  honor.

The rules to accepting this wonderful award is to:

1. Link back to the person who gave you the award
2. State seven things about yourself
3.Award 15 Recently discovered bloggers
4.Contact the bloggers and let them know they've won

So here are the seven things about me.

1.  Lilo and Stitch is my favorite Disney movie

2. I received accepted letters from four colleges (Clemson, Claflin, South Carolina State, and Benedict)

3. I'm a big fan of 90's cartoon

4. Artichoke's heart by Suzanne Supplee is now my new favorite book

5. I love a good laugh

6. My awesome Mom recently bought me Eragon by Christopher Paolini  (right now I'm on page 143)

7. My profile picture is from my Junior Prom

And for the Winners:

15.  Alyson Greene with Addicted to Heroines

Congrats to all the winners (to save this award, right click and the save the image your computer) ! :)

*Note: The quest for scholarship has taken an irking turn (last week was the deadline for a scholarship I qualify for), which is the reason there's a huge gap in my posts. :( However, I will be catching up now that we are on Spring Break. :)


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Forms Overload

Sorry about the late post, but I have been suffocating under a wave of school-related forms lately. The obstacles toward the golden scholarship have proven both irksome and tiresome. The dreadful forms are multiplying like rabbits: you start of with two of them, then two becomes four, and etc. I will no longer let the pixie scholarship tease and taunt me; capturing him is my number one concern for now. And so, my followers I leave you this fine evening a student on a mission.

Wish me luck! :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Education Graduation

Two more months, just two more months until graduation! I feel like the Maid Maleen, counting down the days until my freedom! Today, I have received not one, but two letters of acceptance: one from Clemson University and the other from Claflin University! Now, all I have to do is endure the odyssey that is the rest of my senior year, click my ruby slippers three times, and chant "There's nothing like graduation, there's nothing like graduation."

Have a great day. :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Of Dogs and Dragons

Because Sirius is the name of both the dog star and my main character (see blog title), today's "D" post will be dedicated to man's best friend. Enjoy.

Isn't he the cutest?  You could say my blog is going to the dogs today. ;)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Curse of the Cough

Lately, Mama Nature has not been able to make up her mind. She keeps flip-flopping the temperatures from sizzling (to the point where you could cook an omelet on the sidewalk) to frigid (to the point where my runny nose freezes in its tracks). The results of her fickleness is my continuous coughing, which has been going on for about two weeks now. Thankfully, the doctor prescribes some antibiotics to lift the cures of my dripping nose and scratchy throat. And that I am slowly recovering, I can now continue my search for the delicate butterfly that is scholarship.
Have a great week everyone! :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

This one for the Bears

Bears. Where would folklore and popular culture be without them? Goldielocks and the Three Bears has a better ring to it than Goldielocks and the Three Puppies. Many children loved watching Winnie the Pooh and playing with their teddy bears. Older children and young adults enjoy reading modern retellings of the legends East of Sun, West of Moon  and   Snow White and Red Rose.  I have to admit that I use to love to collect teddy bears (although I would not want to meet a real bear in the forest).  And speaking of wild creatures, I must wish  you farewell now. The Homework-Beast has me in his sights and it looks like he's ready to "bear wrestle."

Happy Saturday everyone!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Awesome Artwork

Not many too people know this, but my mom is a HUGE art fan. I'm serious, there's not a room in our house that doesn't have a painting, wood carving, or sculpture in it. However, when you live in a town as small as Orangeburg, words travel fast. It wasn't long until someone at the Times and Democrat got wind of Mom's collection and wanted to do a story on it:

Here are some pictures from the article.

And speaking of a thing of beauty, Miss Coppel was kind enough to award me the Magical Blogger Award.
Isn't that a pretty picture?
Happy Weekend everyone! :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Post of the Week

Mirror, Mirror, in my hand whose written the most great post in the land? Well, let's see, my magic mirror telling me that Miss Lerwill has a great post about character development. My mirror is also telling me that Ms. Ney has one delicious post on recipe contests (yum) and one on a MFA for $6.  Finally, the mirror is informing me of a wonderful post by Miss Jodoin that gets me thinking of all the things I want to do on spring break. :)

P.S. With the exception of my continuous coughing, my allergies have lighten up a bit. Lady Pollen's spell over me has been weaken by tiny bit of rain we had Thursday.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Allergy Annoyance

Hello, my readers. Oh, how I missed you. Lately I have been very sick thanks to the ever vexing Lady Pollen. She casted a spell of yellowish dust all over the place and it seems I can't escape it! Hopefully, the upcoming April showders will melt her like the Witch in the Wizard of Oz. Also, I no longer express interested in attending Wofford college, because they do not offer the major I am looking for. I do have some good news though, I have gotten all A's on my exams (I would do the moonwalk if I wasn't so busy sneezing and coughing ;) )

Have a great rest of the week (and expect most frequent posts in April ;) )

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Itchy Nose, Thorny Roses

Sometimes I wish I had eight arms like a cuttlefish. Two arms will be battling the trollish Homework-Beast, two arms would be doing revisions on my stories, and the last  four would be on guard for any other annoyances that may come my way (like dealing with exams next week and wiping my nose before it starts flooding out a tidalwave of mucus).  However, there is a radiate rose blooming though this thorny briar of a month: First, the wonderful Ms. Ney is offering another fantastic writing contest! And second, The Bookshelf Muse recently wrote an uplifting post that really hit a "sweet" spot with me (once you click the link you're understand the bad pun a lot better ;) ).

Have a great week everyone! :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wyrms, Germs, and things that Squirm

Hello again.

Whew. March may "Roar like a lion", but February came and went out with a BANG!  Until now, I have spent all my free time battling all sorts of evil Monstrosities : villainous Projects, multi-armed Studying, and the ogrish Homework-Beast. Not to mention Lady Pollen has been bewitching my nose to drip more mucus than a Banana Slug and my eyes to itch more than a wool sweater. Also, Sirius-the-Dragon and the Lovely Worm  has increased in ranked on Teen Ink over the past month.  It's popularity has lead me to idea that maybe I should expand it a bit, but you will learn more about this future project later.

 Alas, now I must wish you farewell. It's time I took my head out of the clouds and put on my armor Saint Greoge-fashion: the Home-Work Beast is on the prowl and something tells me on next on his menu. Happy March everyone.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

And the Winner's Are (Insert Drum Roll)

Hello, all my wonderful readers.

Again, the Homework-Beast and I were at odds; he captured me and locked me in a tower Maid-Maleen style. Luckily, I escaped and have a great treasure to share with you. As stated in my last post, I have a jewel more precious then all the gold in Atlantis- the famous Stylish Blogger Award (the winners are listed below).

You don't have to slay an ogre or go on a quest to win this reward, all you have to do is the following.

  1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award
  2. List seven things about yourself
  3. Pass the award on to 15 recently discover bloggers.


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Harold Underdown with the Purlpe Crayon

Congrates to all the winners!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Awards and Airheads (Airhead as in my main character)

Hello, all.
I am sorry I have not written you in while, but the purple-eyed monster known as Projects has been trying to head-butt me into submission with deadlines. Also, the delicate koi Scholarship has been swimming out of  reach for sometime now (through I have submitted applications four of them so far including Bill Gates).

My Valentine's day went pretty well, seeing as it is the day I first wrote Sirius-the-dragon and the Lovely Worm. I know it seems kind of cheesy to write a love-story-fairytale on the most romantic day of the year, but sue me for being a sucker for mushy stuff.

So, in honor of that (and the fact that I have been offer the Stylish Blogger Award  by the wonderful Ms. Sylvia Ney), I give your seven facts about me.

  1. I hate the smell of cheese
  2. I love ranch dressing on just about everything
  3. I prefer Oldies over anything new music
  4. I have an obsession with sea creatures
  5. Shrek and Shrek 2 are my favorite movies
  6. I think my main character is a total airhead
  7. I have submitted an application to Wofford College
I would also like to pass on the award to any of my loyal followers who have not received it before. Here's the link to Ms. Ney's site.

Have a great President's day.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Week in a Wink of an Eye

Whoa. It's been a week already? Wow, time flies when you're fishing for the slippery polliwog Scholarship. February marks the start of working on the newsletter (a project that we will be working on for the next five weeks). Wofford College just received my application are now reviewing it.  So, while I'm bouncing like a rubber band until that honey-tongued application letter comes, have a great week.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Marvelous Media

Whoa, it's been a while since my last post. I'm really sorry about that. I have some great news through. Today I have entered the most magically world you can imagine. No, it isn't as whimsical as Fairyland or Educated as Atlantis, but just as good. It's the enchanted realm of the Orangeburg Technology Center News Letter. I'm counting down the days until next week when we will begin working on it. The News Letter is a part of the Marvelous Multi-Media class I'm taking this semester. Finally, I can learn and flex my creative muscle at the same time. As for the Fairy-like Scholarship, I've just about got him in my butterfly net.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hazardous Homework

Hello, again,

Sorry I haven't written you in awhile. My quest for the capture of  the Fae Scholarship has taken an irking turn. Plus, there was my aunt's wedding last Saturday (which went wonderfully by the way, Fairy God-Mother eat your heart out). And it looks like the Homework-Beast has come back bigger and uglier than ever with the beginning of the new semester. However, with a little elbow grease and my armor know as Dedication, I may be able to conquer these foes, keep my peace of mind, and pass through the jungle that is High School.

Have a great week everyone.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wedding Bells and Sea Shells

Hello, all,
Things have been busy in my house for a couple of days, which is why there has been a gap in my posting. This Saturday there's going to be a wedding- the first wedding I will attend! My aunt is so excited, I know she'll make a beautiful bride. Meanwhile, the fairy scholarship has gotten just a bit closer to my trap, but not close enough for me to cease waiting. I can tell you this on and off again relationship with him is emotionally straining.

Also, I have more sea mollusks facts for you.

Have a great day! ;)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowflake Slugs

Today school is cancelled due to winter weather (Could Mother Nature be anymore kind?). My  backyard  now looks like someone cover it with power sugar. Meanwhile, I had just set up my trap for the sprite Scholarship. I've made it pass the pit of snakes that's known as the dreaded Deadline (I just sent out all the requirements for the Bills Gates Scholarship, which is postmarked today.)

Also, check out this winter angel I just found out about.

Looks like something you would put on  a Christmas Tree doesn't it?

Speaking of creatures without a backbone, Cheese and Krakens is on the front page of the Teen Ink Fantasy/sci fi section for the entire day (See link below). This is great shock to me because this is like the twelfth time this has happen (But I'm not complaining).

To go straight to the article click this link,

But enough about me, tell me about you. What is Good Ol' Mama Nature dishing out where you live? Did you like today's slug facts?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Voyage

Finally, it is the wonderful weekend, the harmonious isle in the endless sea of the week. For the last five days  I have navigated through the dangerous waters of my semester exams ( 98 on my Driver's Ed exam); nearly escape the whirlpool  of confusion that is SAT scores; and had to stick wax in my ears to avoid listening to the sweet, stressful song of the merman Scholarship before the deadlines are up this month.  However, I have made it to my personal Atlantis unharmed and ready for the reminder of the long trek that is senior year.

Happy weekend everyone! ;)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Class 'B' Act

Hello, all

I have survived the test of trials that is semester exams and slayed the mutli-armed Studying-Beast successfully! I made an 86 on my Anatomy and Physiology test and the Driver's Education exam will not be graded until tomorrow. Meanwhile, I am entering one of my short stories for a contest by Ms. Sylvia Ney. Hopefully the fickle youth known as Mr. Fate and his bribe Lady Fortunate would take pity on me and I might be able to win. Wish me good luck. ;)

Here's the link to Ms. Ney's website,

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Study guides and Slugs of Salads

Okay, so far I have knock two exams out of the park. It's not a home run worthy of the Hall of Fame, but I'm going to call this a victory (94 for my Agriculture class. As for Anatomy and Physiology, well, let's say that's to be continue ;) ) All I need is to take the final exam for the delightful Driver's Education and I can devote all my time to the cat and mouse game that is my quest for the majestic Scholarship.

Meanwhile I found out about this crawly and cute creature yesterday,

Isn't he a sweetie?

Speaking of ocean invertebrates I'm leaving you all the link to Cheese and Krakens.

Now I have to go now harpoon the tentacle monster formerly known as Studying. Have a great day. ;)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Extreme Exams

It's the most annoying time of year. Yes, that time when most of us flex those brain muscles in our cranium until they melt to mush and sprain our eyes to the point where they pop out of our heads. The deadly tests and trials that even Hercules himself couldn't handle- semester exams.  Also, it seems today as we return from our winter holiday that the orange-eyed ogre that is the Homework-Beast has sprung a ambush on me.
On the lighter side, Sirius and the Wizard's Pet will be on the front page of the sci fi/fantasy section of Teen Ink tomorrow, if I have any (mental) strength left after battling Homework-Beast I can promise you that I will be doing somersaults (metaphorically speaking of course ;) ) So, while I am doing hand-to-pencil combat with the scourge of high school, I wish my readers a great rest of the day.