Thursday, December 30, 2010

A New Year of Fears and Tears

I have to say that I haven't caught the delicate butterfly Scholarship yet, but I'm getting closer and closer as the days go-by. I'm not going to let those deadly deadlines strike their vemon into my veins and stop me in my tracks. Scholarship can avoid my net for long and when he flies a bit closer to my trap, he'll be all mine. Catching him is one of my 'new years resolutions' along with writing another Sirius story that is holiday theme (suggested from the advice of a very wise friend ;) ). And speaking of 'new years resolutions' I have to now go on a trip to  a terrible and dangerous place. A place more treacherous then the swampy rainforests of the Amazon and the barren deserts of Africa combine- the dark, jungle that is my closets. So, while I'm swimming in an ocean of sweaters, scaling mountains of coats, and swinging on vines of dress clothes; I hope you all have a happy new year! ;)

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